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— Trevor Harrison, Boston
I am not a metrosexual or a model but I do take good care of my skin and appearance in general. I am a businessman and looking good means favorable attitude of my clients to me and consequently successful deals for me. And besides I love the feeling of well-groomed nails, hair and skin. So I use lots of cosmetic products many other men do not use at all. One of such products is Protective Sunscreen Lotion. I apply it to my face and neck in summer when the sun shines brightly and tries to burn our skin in not a tender way. The lotion protects my skin from the harmful influence of the sun and the thing is not only in excessive suntan but also in protection from the damage aggressive sun can cause. I know several people who developed unpleasant skin diseases because they neglected protection from the sun. and I do not want to develop such diseases. In any way, prevention is better (and cheaper) that treatment. So if I can now protect myself from problems why not do it!? Protective Sunscreen Lotion is great for that purpose. It has pleasant smell and is easy to apply - it is quickly absorbes ito the skin and leaves no oily covering.
— Carol Fowler, Miami
I live in Miami and I can not imagine my life without sunscreen cosmetics, especially in summer when the sun is aggressive. The mechanism is simple - if you do not protect your skin from the sun rays your face will get old sooner than it should. Your eyes will be surrounded with nasty wrinkles and your complexion would be grayish. And I haven't mentioned possible disorders that direct sunbeams could cause, starting from sunburns and ending up with skin cancer. So I definitely find it obligatory to use sunscreen lotion if your skin is exposed to direct sunlight. For me I have selected Protective Sunscreen Lotion from Himalaya herbal. This product offers the best selection of useful ingredients and protective functions that i have found. My skin remains young and radiant after exposure to the sun. the lotion enriches it with such natural components as aloe vera, crab apple and ginger lily. I feel that my face is well moisturized and tender after I use the lotion and I haven't noticed any changes for the worse. I usually order the lotion from this web drug store and I am absolutely happy with the service level.
— Florence Drake, Richmond Hill
I use sunscreen products since I remember myself. My mother was a cosmetologist and she explained me how important it is for a woman to take good care of her skin and health. And she taught me how to maintain my skin young for as long as possible. One of the obligatory rules is to protect the skin from direct sunlight as no tan can compare to that damage aggressive sunbeams may cause. Even in winter I use sunscreen creams when going out because the sun is dangerous not only when it is hot. And all my family, including kids and husband take care of their skin and protect their faces from the sun. last year I have discovered Protective Sunscreen Lotion from Himalaya herbal and since that time it is our favorite protective product. As many other Himalaya herbal products the lotion contains ingredients of natural origin mainly. And it not only protects the skin but also nourishes it and makes it look healthy. When living in a big city our immune system is not that strong, we are prone to all sorts of bacteria and environment threats. Sometimes skin cancer starts from a small sunburn and that is why it's always better to protect yourself if you have the opportunity. Protective Sunscreen Lotion gives us the opportunity.

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